Our Story | Ravers Manifesto

The Plur Ravers Manifesto

The Ra-Ra-Revolution. Give Love Back.

Who are we?

You’ve seen us before, smelling flowers with glitter in our hair. We give love and expect nothing in return. We sing songs and dance underneath the crescent moon. We’re ravers, seekers, dancers and children of the universe. We live by the beat of a moment and the breadth of our movement. Have you seen us before? We are your best friends, holding your hand, passing kisses and giving hugs. We’re too wild to get caught up in the tiny spaces of envy, we’re the wild women full of life and abundance dancing with the lights.

Why do we rave? 

Because for a moment we are nothing but pure movement united with a single beat. It is our escape to a fantasy world where love, peace, unity and respect reign. While destruction, chaos, and envy are transformed. We live in outer space. In a universe where people unite with music, love and creative expression. EDM is the portal to this land of freedom. Because if you’re not free to be who you are, you have no freedom. EDM music and festival culture is a place where the power for the expression of self-lives on.


PLUR is a brand created to give unlimited creative expression to women who crave music and a life full of adventure. We believe in freedom and the choice to dress however you feel. Your personal expression defines your narrative and being as a human. We own the EDM festival fashion industry, with textured designs, rainbow patterns, tight-fitting booty shorts and sequined crop tops.

Be the festival bunny of your dreams and never forget to love deeper and stronger every day.