7 Pieces Of Rave Clothing To Spice Up Your EDM Outfit

7 Pieces Of Rave Clothing To Spice Up Your EDM Outfit

Whether you’re going to a rave or a full on festival, there are some articles of EDM clothing and accessories that you should 100% put on your short list when it comes to putting together a few outfits to take with you. These pieces of clothing and accessories are sure to spice up any getup, and totally transform the whole experience for you. From helping you stand out in the crowd of ravers, to taking your rave outfits to the next level, here are seven pieces of rave clothing that you just can’t live without.


LED Masks

LED rave mask man

LED masks are an iconic rave accessory. The best ones are sound-reactive, which is definitely going to attract some eyeballs and ultimately, make you the center of attention as you dance through the night. If you’ve been to a lot of raves you might have even met someone just because they lit up the world around them with their sweet LED mask. These masks are lightweight, stylish, comfortable, and are a hot topic, being at the pinnacle of modern rave fashion. They are super comfortable to wear and super easy to use. Just choose one that matches your individual style and the mood of the party.


Kaleidoscope Glasses

kaleidoscope glasses for raves and edm festivals

Looking to take your rave outfit to the next level? Trip out in some dope kaleidoscope glasses! These trippy eyepieces are a great article of EDM clothing, for when you want a "fresh perspective". Pair these with some shiny rave bodysuits or rock out in a rainbow coat to complete a totally outgoing look with these mesmerizing glasses.


Booty Shorts

A lot of rave outfits are focused on being able to combine total comfort and sexy looks. Festivals and raves give you the chance to let your inner-self out and just be who you are. Comfort is great because you've got hours of non-stop fun ahead of you, an the last thing that you want is for that to be cut short because you're gasping for air in that new ultra-slim top. You don’t want to be constantly adjusting your outfit while you’re trying to dance either. Raver, meet booty shorts. This staple of just about any girl's wardrobe offers the perfect combination of style, comfort, and sex appeal when it comes to rave and EDM clothing choices.


High-Waisted Shorts

If you don’t like the idea of showing off too much butt? But hey - maybe yous still want to keep the sort of sex appeal that booty shorts offer, well, then high-waisted shorts are definitely the way to go. They offer an equally as comfortable, slightly less revealing option that still perfectly accentuates what your mama gave you, in a somewhat more classy and toned down manner.


LED Tutu

Maybe booty shorts, bodysuits and rainbow coats are just "too basic" for your tastes. What about something totally out there, so far out that it's almost out of this world? There’s something magical about tutus that can’t really be easily explained. Every little girl grown up has a tinge of ballerina somewhere deep inside. Well, with a LED tutu, you get to unveil your inner ballerina, combined with the light-magic of an EDM festival. If this sounds intriguing - look no further, and go cop a light-up LED tutu. They are available in a wide range of sizes and the lights have different colors / settings for your to play with, including music-reactive patterns and various programmable light displays that you can set up in a matter of minutes.


Mesh Shirts& Bodysuits

When it comes to golden staples - mesh shirts are definitely an iconic piece of rave fashion. Always have been, and always will be - for a good reason - they're amazingly comfortable and incredibly sexy. They’re also very versatile, allowing you to mix and match to make them a part of just about any outfit you can think of. So if you're looking for something that looks cool, feels cool and gives you an unrivaled sense of comfort - go check out some of the mesh bodysuits that we offer here at PLUR.


Butterfly Wings

One of the joys of going to a rave and getting to put on rave wear is that it gives you the chance to wear things you normally wouldn’t. It feels truly liberating to wear something that you wouldn’t be able to get away with in everyday “normal” society. There are lots of different outfits and accessories you can try on, but why not grab yourself a pair of butterfly wings to be that little bit extra? Seriously - who's stopping you? While not everyone has the heart to go out and make these a part of their outfit for the next festival on their radar - this piece of rave clothing is definitely something to keep in mind for those that are just adventurous enough to go that extra mile.


As Always - Do You Honey

There’s an almost endless amount of choice out there when it comes to EDM clothing and rave fashion. As we always say to our customers -  focus on finding something that suits your style and maybe get a little adventurous by mixing in something that you wouldn’t normally wear. Going out to a rave is your chance to truly express yourself, and a great opportunity to really get to know yourself in the process, so take it for everything its worth!